Keep track of your Net Worth

It’s time to stop guessing. Get the number we all should know to make the right decisions regarding money – Net Worth.

Using Sumio for tracking Net Worth is easy. Just like managing your contacts, you create records of your assets and liabilities. Built-in automatic calculations will give you an overview of your financial situation and automatically calculate the essential financial indicators for you – Net Worth, Total Assets, and Total Liabilities.

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Track your stocks, ETFs and crypto

Get automatic updates for the market value of your stocks, ETFs, and crypto assets.

Sumio supports automatic market value updates for thousands of stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and other equities from U.S. and global markets. Just add quantities you hold and Sumio will provide you with the current value of your portfolio.

Build your financial dashboard

Customize Sumio to your liking.

Customize the Summary by adding your favorite indicators, categories, and individual assets and liabilities. This way you can get your personal financial overview as soon as you open the app. Choose your preferred colors for charts or create your own custom categories to organize your assets and liabilities (Premium Subscription feature). You can customize Sumio the way you like.

Sumio screenshot presenting the feature
Sumio screenshot presenting the feature

Create your personal balance sheet

Keep your finances organized and tidy.

Sumio is a comprehensive tool for record-keeping and tracking of your assets and liabilities. You can track all kinds of assets and liabilities in 100+ world currencies, with automatic conversion to the default currency of your choice.

Get a clear picture of your wealth

Become smarter about your money.

Review allocation of your assets and liabilities by categories with values and percentages. Modern charts and dark mode make Sumio easy and comfortable to use. You can choose your preferred colors and get the charts in colors you like. Automatic calculations of changes in value over time will give you a new perspective of your wealth.

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Absolute Privacy

Private and secure already from the get-go.

Your data stays on your device. Sensitive and private data are not shared with anyone. No registration or accounts are needed. You don't have to connect the app to your banking or brokerage account to use it. You can create records as you go and as you wish. You have complete control, and you stay anonymous. The app does not track you. There are no ads whatsoever. The business model of the app is based on a Premium Subscription.

Premium Subscription

Unlock all features with Premium Subscription.

Try Sumio for free or subscribe to Premium to unlock all of the features and automation – tracking of unlimited assets, creating custom categories, and using unlimited market data.

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