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Last update: 3.6.2021


We created this Privacy Policy (also as “Policy”) to make clear how we manage and protect information and data of our users and visitors (also as “User Data” or “Data”). By our users we mean users of our mobile, web or desktop applications (together as “Apps” or “App”) or users of our websites (together as “Websites”, “Sites” or “Website”), and by visitors we mean visitors of our Websites or anyone who gets in touch with us online, for example via email or chat (users and visitors are in this Policy referred together as “Users” or “User”).


“We” or “us” is referring to Fiduciary s.r.o., private limited liability company based in Prague, Czech Republic, European Union (also as “Fiduciary” or “Fiduciary Labs”). We are independent developers which means we are not affiliated with any bank, financial institution or tech company. We are not brokers or agents, we do not sell any financial product or financial service. We are also not financial advisors.


We believe Users have the right to privacy and the relationship between Users and Us should be transparent. That is also the reason why we named the company Fiduciary. We established Fiduciary because we want to offer Apps for managing finance that work for Users, not for providers of financial products. We believe that privacy and transparency are necessary for building trust, enabling long term relationships and ultimately our success.


We never collect any data you enter into the Apps. We do not have any access to your data.

Our apps are distributed through Apple App Store and Google Play Store and we may get some anonymized information about usage from these platforms.

We do not collect any private Data. We do not track Users. We do not use cookies.

Data we might got are specific anonymized technical data (e.g. device type, operating system), information regarding your transaction if you decide to subscribe for premium version of our App (e.g. Apple receipt file, Google purchase token), or specific usage data and statistics (e.g. crashes, time the app was used, country, last time App was used, first time App was used).

You can contact Us via email and also register to our email newsletter. The email address we get from you is used only for communication regarding your request or informing you about news and updates of our Apps and service.


These are the main uses for Data we got: We want to make sure our Apps are bug-free. We want to make sure that when Users pay for the premium version of our Apps that all the premium features are available to them. We need to decide about the priorities for our development and understand the needs and expectations of our Users. To respond to your email or chat inquiry. To inform you about news and updates.


In general, our Apps use industry standard security technologies like HTTPS for communicating with internal servers and local 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt user data on the device.

In some Apps we enable Users to backup their data and sync them across their devices using cloud services like iCloud. If you decide to enable backup and sync, then handing of your data is governed by the provider of the cloud service (e.g. Apple in terms of iCloud, you can find more details here:


Our Apps are based on a premium subscription business model. We offer the possibility to use some Apps for free but with limited functionalities. We believe the premium subscription model is the healthiest relationship since it motivates us to continuously deliver the best value, best user experience and provides funding to progressively enhance our Apps.

We do not sell, trade or rent any Data. We do not enable advertising in our Apps. When you become a user of our Apps you become our customer and therefore we do our best to deliver you the best experience.


We may change and update this Privacy Policy from time to time. We shall publish the latest version together with the updated date on the Website.


The best way to get in touch is to use the contact form on our website or send us an e-mail to

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Fiduciary s.r.o.
Rybná 716/24, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha 1
Company ID: 09050825
VAT ID: CZ09050825

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